Raising Grandchildren

The grandparents voice on how to raise grandchildren 

My name is Ralph, and I live with my wife, Michele, in Philadelphia and we love our 5 grandchildren, can't wait to have some more!

Often we get asked by parents, especially mothers, "how to" advice about raising children; advice on sleepless nights; how to dress the babies, what to feed toddlers, which presents to buy, where are the best bargains for children and baby clothes and much, more. There are thousands of blogs, posts, and tweets about all of these issues.

 And what about us the grandparents?

It’s well known that with a "Generation Gap" sometimes the grandparent’s bond with their grandson or granddaughter can be very meaningful. My blog aims at filling the void, and giving us, Grandparents, a platform to voice our opinions.

We the Grandparents have much to say and sometime have useful insight and advice.


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