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Surprise! You're pregnant | How to deal with life’s biggest wonder

Journey to MotherhoodIt was about 5 years ago; my boyfriend, Nick, and I were living the good life. Our only real obligation was to our jobs. So, we worked hard but played even harder.  TGIF indeed; every Friday we would choose a nice restaurant for some nice wine and dine, and would usually return home sloshed and jolly. Saturdays would start with a lazy morning in bed then we would normally visit one of our families for lunch. We would have a traditional Brunch with our friends from school (who were childless back then) on Sundays…Anyway, you get the picture, we knew how to enjoy life and were free to do so with little apologies.  

My story starts on a sunny Saturday morning. Nick woke me up with coffee and a Croissant in bed; our perfect hangover remedy. I opened my eyes, immediately ran to the bathroom to vomit, and came back to bed feeling as if someone used my head to mop the floor. We both assumed I had a bad hangover since the night before we drank at least two bottles of wine between us. All of Saturday I was in bed, feeling bad and weak and not really in the mood to move. The next morning, I woke up with the exact same feeling. I woke Nick up and told him that something was wrong, no way was this still a hangover. We decided to go to the doctor on Monday morning.

I will say at this point of the story that we were not trying to get pregnant at the time and were usually careful so neither of us even assumed that it was anything more than a stomach bug. So, Monday morning came and we went to the doctors together. I told the doctor all my symptoms and the doctor just grinned at us. We were both very confused…I was thinking to myself "why the heck is he smiling?! I'm dying over here and he thinks it's funny!!!"

After a few seconds which felt like hours I just blurted out "What's so funny? What's wrong with me?" The doctor looked at me, smiled, and said: " I am pretty sure that you are pregnant, not dying". I don’t remember too much after that because I was in complete shock. I remember Nick asking the doctor a lot of questions.

The next few days were a bit of a blur waiting for the results of the blood tests and wrapping my head around the fact that I might have a human being growing inside of me. After 3 days the doctor called and told me that the results are positive and that I am indeed pregnant.

I remember feeling mixed emotions, first trying to understand how it happened; it wasn’t the plan…. But, it was not long before I started feeling something that I couldn’t explain. It was as if all of my motherly instincts and feeling came out at once. All of a sudden, I felt my heart bursting with love for this thing inside of me. I remember sitting on our balcony, holding my stomach and imagining how life with a baby will look…of course, nothing that I imagined is close to reality. But when you're in your 20's, life always looks very pink!

Here are my 5 tips on how to handle life's biggest surprise:

  1. Enjoy your time - You never know when life will suprise you so just enjoy every minute you have no matter what!
  2. Change isn’t always bad – I admit that the first few days I felt like life as I know it is over. Well I was right! BUT… I can say now that it is defiantly better and worth every second.
  3. Choose the right partner – I know that if I had to go through this with someone other than Nick I would probably be telling a different story. From the second we got the news Nick was an angel; taking care of me and making sure I have everything and anything I want. Remember to cherish & appreciate your partner!
  4. Start Shopping – 
    Finding out you are pregnant opens up a whole new shopping world for you. If you thought there a lot of things to buy for yourself you won’t believe how many things you can buy for your baby! There literately everything you can think of and then some. I started my shopping with a few newborn outfits, those are the cutest!
  5. Start pigging out – Finally you can stuff yourself without feeling any remorse. Remember you’re eating for two so two gallons of ice cream makes sense. Really, it’s basic math!
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