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Pregnant Bridezilla | Getting through the best and worst all together

So, after the shock of the pregnancy wore off, Nick and I started discussing what we think our future plans would be. We always knew that we would eventually get married, but we had never actually made plans. You could say that our growing bundle of joy was just giving us that little boost we needed to start moving forward with our lives. We decided to get married, it was the natural step, and one that we both knew was going to happen at some point. There was no real romantic proposal story behind it, just the 2 of us sort of agreeing on marriage.

Obviously, the next thing we did was call our parents to tell them the good news, and right away the pressure started building. Our moms were both very nervous about having a pregnant bride, but even more that I would showing by the time I was to wear my wedding dress. Truthfully, we thought we would just do something mellow or just go down to get married at City Hall; but the mothers had a very different idea. Don’t ask me how, but a small private event turned into a huge 300 people black tie event.

At first I didn’t really care about anything, I just let the moms decide, but then I started my second trimester and my emotions started to go haywire. I found myself crying on the floor of 3 different bridal salons. I would change my mind about the DJ, flowers, cake and just about everything else at least 3 times a day. At a certain point, Nick was too scared to talk to me about anything, because the smallest thing would set me off, I would go through stages of screaming at him for everything, to crying and asking him for hugs. Lord knows how the man put up with me at that time. I mean, everyone knows that pregnant women have some hormonal ups and downs, and a bride can very easily go a little crazy, but he had to deal with both together, a Pregnant Bridezilla!

3 month later on my wedding day, I was 6 months pregnant, feeling bloated, ugly, annoyed at the world, screaming at anyone that passed next to me, crying non-stop, and even had the makeup artist do my makeup 3 times. I have no idea how, but somehow, I was able to calm myself down and walk down the aisle, knowing that at least I was going to be marrying the man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Needless to say, I was sobbing and emotional during the entire ceremony. But let's face it, what bride isn't J

The wedding party was a blast. Even though I couldn’t have any alcohol, I remember feeling drunk on clouds of joy. Nick of course got as drunk as could be, and truth be told. He totally deserved it after dealing with his pregnant bridezilla for so long.

So, my message to all you pregnant brides to be out there; Remember that it is just one day. I know we all want everything to be perfect but believe me, the little bundle of joy growing inside of you is a lifetime of happiness. Enjoy the time you have before the baby comes because it's true what they say: "Everything changes when you have kids".

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