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Life with a Newborn is no picnic

Little did I know that my time at the hospital after the delivery would be the quietest and most relaxing time of my journey as a new mother. All you mothers out there are probably laughing since it’s clear to you all that coming home with a newborn is no picnic in the park, to say the least.

The first week was hectic, Nick and I were just trying to keep little Charlie alive. My mom and Nick’s mom came to visit almost every day and tried to help, but stubborn me, I didn’t want any help, I wanted to do things my way. BIG MISTAKE, HUGE MISTAKE!

After a week Nick went back to work and it was Charlie and I alone. I still remember that Monday morning when Nick left for work and I was breastfeeding Charlie. The only thought that I had in my head was “WHOO HOO! It’s girls time!”. I imagined how we would both dress up and go out to the park, have coffee with friends, shopping and what not. Well Murphy wasn’t really on the same page as me; my days consisted of breastfeeding, changing Charlie, laundry, putting Charlie to sleep, cleaning up…and start all over again. I remember wishing Nick would come home already so I could shower, sleep or just go to the toilet for 2 seconds.

Now don’t get me the wrong way, I love being a mother and love my children but the first month of being a mother was the hardest and best month of my life! It took me a month to have the courage to go out with Charlie by myself. Until that point I only went out with Nick and to tell you the truth we were all frustrated about it.

 I started joining a few Mommy & Me classes; we joined mommy & baby Yoga which were more like who can scream the loudest classes.Then we joined mommy & baby Music class which was nice at first until it became a repeat of the same song for 40 minutes which drove me CRAZY. I was starting to think I might not be mommy & baby classes material. But then we found mommy & baby swimming classes that were super fun and we have the best underwater photos from there.


I must say my favorite thing was finding out the whole new shopping world! OMG, baby clothes are the cutest thing ever. I found a couple of my favorite baby boutiques and started ordering like crazy.

I mean if I have a little princess at home shouldn’t she be dressed to fit the part?! 

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