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Here Comes Baby | Labor, birth and everything in between

The end of my pregnancy flew by after the wedding. Me and Nick had done all of the first-time parent classes like Lamaze classes and baby CPR classes. We checked out the different birthing options, and we even watched some birthing videos to try and help us decide, but ultimately, we decided that a hospital birth was the right choice for us. We even did a dry run to the hospital about a week ahead of my due date to check out if there was any construction we should know about on the way, we were really organized. Or at least we thought we were.

My due date came and went. For almost a week, every time I felt the tiniest pain, I was convinced that I was having contractions. 8 days later, it was time, I told Nick to grab my bags and we were off to the hospital. Nothing of course really went to plan. We got stuck by protesters on the way to the hospital, we tried a different route that had us stuck behind a garbage truck that stopped each second. IT took much longer than we had planned, and of course we just didn’t want to be one of those stories you read about, “Woman gives birth to baby in car while dad gets speeding ticket”, we did joke about that.  I remember feeling scared but excited that the next time I was in the car we would be bringing our little baby home. We had decided together that we wanted to go the old-fashioned way and wait to be surprised by the sex of our baby. So, at this point I could only just picture a baby.

Nick was so nervous, I could tell. He barely said a word during the drive to the hospital, and Nick is many great things, but quiet, he is not. The only thing he said was that he hopes he can find a good parking spot (typical man 😊). We arrived at the hospital, found a close parking spot we walked into the hospital ready to start a new chapter of our life.

I don’t remember much about the whole delivery or maybe I just blocked the memories, I don’t know if it was my endorphins or the epidural medication, but I remember pushing and the next second a baby girl was laying across my chest. I remember lots of tears and Nick was beaming, but truthfully, that Is about all I remember.

A few hours later, laying in the hospital bed with my husband sitting next to me and my little girl in a crib on the other side, I looked at him and said… She needs a name. We hadn’t really made decisions, or even had a short list… and she needed a name. Such a special person was indeed deserving of a special name. We each had a few options, Nick said that I had the final call as I did all of the hard work (sweet guy), and my favorite name since I can remember was the name Charlie. Since Charlie is not typically a girl’s name, and we wanted to give her a princess name, as she was our new princess, I said what about Charlotte.  Nick thought for a second out loud, “Charlotte”, and that was it. Our princess Charlotte was part of our lives and looked so snuggled in her newborn outfit. 

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