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Top 10 things to do with grandchildren in the summer

With the summer warmer climate and children on holidays from schools and kindergartens, our responsibilities become more important and vital.

We grandparents get to look after the babies with their cute cloths and no extra demands, to toddlers with rough jeans and colorful t-shirt with endless energies.

Floral Bikini

It takes all our skills and creativity to create meaningful activities.

The 'Top 10 activities' I like to do with my grandchildren that are appreciated by the rascals (ages 1-8) are:

  1. Watching old movies, especially comedies
  2. Beach – greet time on sand and in shallow waters. As I love paddling on my SUP, the older kids have fun ridding the board with me.
  3. Visit the Zoo. I love animals and likewise do all kids.
  4. Dressing up in fancy cloth. The older kids enjoy dressing up their baby brothers and sisters. I adore those little ones in fancy dresses.
  5. Hide and seek around the house.
  6. Story time in the air-conditioned interior. Great hit with the 4-7 years old.
  7. Playing ball – from football to table tennis, anything goes.
  8. Simple recipes for cookies or decorating sponge cakes are a hit.
  9. Bike riding in the Park
  10. Acting: This is a combination of Dressing Up, imaginary play writing, and acting.

zoo time

What are your favorite pastime activities with Grandchildren?

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