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Halloween with the family!

Halloween is a great time for kids but it can be equally great for adults.

When I was young I would dress up my children in fancy cloths and send them out to visit the neighbors. At the same time Michelle and I would stock up on candies and wait for kids from the block to knock on our door. This was always a joyous evening for both kids and adults. 

It was fun, but it was somewhat limited to few experiences of some interesting costumes or cute little boys & girls in nice dresses smiling or putting on scary faces with the shout of "trick or treat". 

My children decided this year to come with the grandchildren and spend Halloween with us. My grandchildren were adorable in their cute Halloween outfits; showing them off in the neighborhood was so much fun!

Pumpkin Jumpsuit

After the whole "trick or treat" affair I took my grandchildren on a Grand Expedition. We are traveled to New York City, specifically to go to the Village for the traditional Halloween Parade. We joined the thousands of marchers all dressed up. It was an amazing experience for the kids and for us as well. 

Last week we missed the Dogs parade starting at Tomkins Square Park. This is going to be our plan for next year. Maybe even Johnny, our cute dog, will like to dress up and join the celebration.

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