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Going Back to School

The summer vacation was great fun. All, grandchildren, parents and grandparents, had a great time playing, travelling or just relaxing together. Beginning of Sept It is this time of year when the children are getting ready to go back to school.

But deep down everyone is really happy about the change about to come. The grandchildren liked being out and about but had enough of the "free time" and are ready for the change. They told me that it will be great to see all their school & kindergarten friends again. It will be their opportunity to share stories and experiences with their friends, show off the new cloths and make some new friends. Katie our 3rd grandchild has a lot more to share - she can’t wait to tell everyone about her new baby sister that arrived in July. She has taken many pictures of her newborn sister in cute baby cloth on the carpet or in her prim. So proud …

Grandpa Ralph Back to School

For adults it is even more of a relief. We loved having the children around while their parents continued with their work. But comes September we are ready for a bit of relaxation and chilling out. Our home was full with children all summer and now seems a bit too quiet.

But not for long. We are sure to be back at the grandchildren keepers for after school hours and weekends.

We are getting ready to the onslaught with new sets of toys and games. Michelle, my wife. Ordered on the internet a new set of fancy dresses for the babies and girls, and hats & shirts for the boys.


We survived the summer and back to school, how about you?

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