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Getting ready for Cyber Monday & Christmas Shopping!

This "time of year" is coming up on all of us. I can feel it in the tips of my fingers, a few sleepless nights, and a bit of speeding heart beats. It's Christmas. With the celebrations and quality family time, comes the joy of shopping for Christmas presents.

By the way, it's not only Christmas shopping madness. The Jewish part of my family has Chanukah, the Feast of Lights, with 8 days of nightly presents. Some dubious fun…

In the past I remember traveling from mall to mall, visiting shops, and comparing items, prices and sizes. To make things worth, here comes the last marketing ploy of Mega sale - Black Friday. This is really going too far. I almost got trampled over by the crowd, was close to a fist fight over the line to the cashier, and wasting the good part of the Friday following our Thanksgiving dinner.

I decided No More …

I found I can sit back in my living room with a cup of coffee while browsing through some great shopping sites on the internet. All while involving and consulting my wife Michelle on the whole shopping spree.

This year we have already started to browse through some great baby clothes online shops, and cute baby and toddlers fashion websites, for boys and girl. It's easy and relaxing and the best part about it that it costs less with the guarantee that all will arrive to our home before the Holidays and in ample time to wrap.

Michelle is all for some great floral dresses and colorful & whimsical jumpsuit,

Pink Tutu Dress     5AM Hoodie Set

while I fancy Christmas style baby clothes.

 Red & White Hoodie Jumpsuit    Best Gift Ever Set

 Of course, at the end of the day, we will just buy them all and then some!

I am sure we will be ready with all decisions & orders so that we will be able to avoid the hassle of Black Friday at the stores and save our energy for Cyber Monday, yet managing to get all the presents shipped before Mid-December...

My worries are over, no anxiety and hopefully saving money is my reward.

Thank god for "online shopping".

Now I can concentrate on just the fun part of giving.

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