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Daddy, return the baby girl and exchange it for a baby boy!

In order to enjoy grandchildren – baby girls in cute outfits or a newborn baby boy in fashionable clothes, one has to go through the "process" of your own children. Most times my grandchildren love to hear stories about their parents' childhood.

Granpa Ralph's BlogLife is full of experiences and memories; one of my favorite memories to share with my grandkids is from my children's childhood, about the gender dilemma.

When my son, Arnold, was 4 years old, he loved to play with our next door neighbor's kids Roger & Emily. Roger was 5 and Emily was an adorable baby just about to celebrate her 1st birthday. I watched the boys play and realized that from time to time they looked at Emily admiring the cute baby in her funky baby girl clothes. I could tell my son was starting to fancy the idea of a baby sister.

Michele, my wife, was pregnant again and ready to go to hospital for the joyous event. We got ready to go to the hospital. I explained to my son that he is sleeping over at Roger & Emily's house.  "Mommy is going to get you a present from the hospital – a baby. What should we get you- A baby boy or an adorable baby girl?"  This was a dilemma for Arnold. He thought hard, looked at his friends and then said "I want a baby sister like Emily!"

Off we went and early next morning we were blessed with the sweetest baby girl, Shelly.

Delighted and excited I called our neighbors and asked to talk to Arnold: "Congratulations son, your Mommy got you a baby sister, just like the one you asked for. You have a baby sister exactly like Roger has Emily!"

There was a long pause on the line. "I thought about it, Dad. I changed my mind. I want a brother. Please return the baby girl and exchange it for a baby boy."

Oh, dear…

There is a happy ending to it all. Seeing his baby sister in her little baby coming home outfit, Arnold, had another change of heart: "Girls are cute, it's OK, we can keep her, but next time make sure I get a brother".

Today my grandchildren enjoy this story and jokingly tease their parents about how to "order" baby boys and baby girls.

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