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What presents to buy your grandchildren?

What you buy for your grandkids makes a lot of difference and has an impact on the relationship. The relationship with the kids themselves but sometimes the relationship with the parents is as important.

For grandkids of 3 years and older my suggestion is buy them things they appreciate, enjoy and love.

For babies, buy something you love, or what you think their parents will appreciate. 

I remember bringing my first grandson a soft fury animal for his 1st birthday. I was sure it's so cute and adorable! The baby might have thought so too, for about three minutes. After which he went back to play with a colorless piece of cloth he adored. His parents were also not impressed…

With my second granddaughter I was smarter – "buy something cute that represent my own taste yet useful for all". I took the easy way out and bought a cute colorful dress with matching headband.

This was a raving successes!

My granddaughter looked so cute in the red and white dress with matching red bow. I got many compliments on my style, and saved he parents time and money by providing something special that was "so me".

And guess what it was much easier to buy as I shopped online it was no hassle and less money than any alternative. I still can't believe you can shop online for baby clothes!!!

I learned my lesson: I'll buy my grandchildren toys I can play with when they're older, when they can tell me what they want or appreciate my choice. For the little ones I'll just buy whatever their mom likes...

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